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Members at Large

As an advisory group that assists with soliciting Member feedback, the Members at Large on the Board of Advisors bring ideas, opinions, and views to Reynolds Lake Oconee management and the BOA and participate in various ad hoc committees and task forces, including the Employee Appreciation Fund and Board Communications.

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Four Members at Large serve on the BOA. They are selected directly from the Membership of the Committees of the Board of Advisors of the Club at Reynolds Lake Oconee based on application and interview. In addition to providing individual and independent views on various BOA topics, they provide input to Reynolds Lake Oconee management on Membership meetings, Member surveys, general communications, and new Member meetings. They also oversee the BOA/committee new member application process, manage the BOA contact mailbox, provide feedback and suggestions to increase contributions to the Employee Appreciation Fund, and prepare the MAL and BOA Minutes and Highlights. In addition, the Members at Large bring ideas and advice to Reynolds Lake Oconee management and the BOA on programs, opinions, and views which are not related to specific committees.

General Requirements for Members at Large

  • Be a Member in good standing of the Club at Reynolds Lake Oconee.

  • Be a member who will have completed at least one year's service on one of the BOA Committees prior to the start of the Member at Large term.

  • May not be an active real estate agent in the Lake Oconee area (includes spouse/significant other).

  • Agree to attend quarterly and specially called meetings and dedicate the time required to complete the assigned projects.

  •  Agree to serve as Chairman of the BOA, if elected

  • Possess knowledge and experience necessary to participate in activities and work efforts assigned to the Members at Large

  • Commit to serve a three-year term and, if selected, serve on an ad hoc committee.

  • Promote, review, analyze, critique, and provide recommendations for improvements of all areas of responsibility of the Member at Large position.

  • Ascertain and communicate Member ideas, issues and concerns to the BOA and Reynolds Lake Oconee management and convey management’s response back to Members.

Personal Qualities and Experience

  • Proficiency as a team player with the ability to act without self-interest, understand group dynamics and work within the group in a collaborative manner.

  • Strong verbal and written skills with the ability to express an opinion concisely and effectively.

  • Keen listening skills honoring the opinions of others.

  • Recognition and observance of confidentiality when appropriate.

  • Professional and/or volunteer leadership experience.

  • Current or past involvement in volunteer organizations and boards.

  • Demonstrated contributions to BOA Committee and overall RLO membership.

Member at Large Specific Criteria

  • General understanding and appreciation of the amenities and operation of Reynolds Lake Oconee.

  • Familiarity with effective methods of communicating to property owners.

  • Knowledge and experience in the use of surveys.

  • Appreciation for the diverse opinions of property owners.

  • Ability to assist and remain objective in the development of a shared vision.

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